How Long Do Orchid Flowers Last Based on type

Some people love to have houseplant because a houseplant could make them relax. Maybe, you are in of those individuals who keep the houseplant. Tired because of work and you want to have a fresh, lovely and conciliate view in your home. Well, if you have an orchid as your houseplant, it is an excellent choice because orchid is a perfect houseplant. You will adore the orchid because of the beauty of the flower will festinate you. You must understand the time on how long do orchid flowers last. By knowing the time and the period, you will not miss the flower when the orchid bloom. See the beautiful orchid flower is the most beautiful thing in the space between the busy day. Moreover, you are the one who keeps the orchid and cares the orchid.

How long do orchid flowers last indoor or outdoor

How long do orchid flowers last

Keep an orchid is a lovely thing that could make you happy and calm. If you succeed in growing the orchid until they bloom and appears some flower on their plant, it means that you are a great person who can keep and take care of living things. You can make notes about the accurate time on how long do orchid flowers last in your book. Or, if you are a beginner, you can start to make it. So that, you will get more spirit to keep the orchid Moreover when the time of the orchid get blooming. It will be the most cheering time in your life. This article will show the details of the period on how the orchids will survive. Let’s see closer towards the information of orchid growth cycle below

  1. how long do phalaenopsis orchids live

This kind of orchid is the first type of orchid flower that you have to understand its character. This flower could survive by the sufficient light, such as from the light from the sun. This orchid naturally will bloom once or twice in a year. The flower will last and survive for 60 – 120 days or equal to four months. Well, you can say this type of orchids is the longest last that orchid survives.

  1. Dendrobium and the Oncidium

This types of the orchids need special treatment by you. If you give the right method and treatment, in caring the orchid, the orchid will grow well and bloom in good time and beautiful result. This orchids flower need more light than the other types of orchid plant. You can add some lamp or indirectly give the sun light. If you do not give what this kind of flowers need, your orchid will not grow and bloom. If you succeed in caring of the orchids, the orchids will bloom once or twice a year. The flowers will bloom for 30 until 45 days. It is equal for a month or 1 ½ month. Well, you do not forget to give the individual and particular treatment if you do not want the orchids to destroy or extinguish.

  1. Cattleya

The third type of orchid called by Cattleya. This kind of orchid has the same character such as Dendrobium and the Oncidium. Cattleya need more light to make the Cattleya alive, growth and bloom. And also, you have to give an access of accurate oxygen for this type of orchids. Cattleya usually will bloom in the spring or winter season. Cattleya will bloom once a year. The period of Cattleya could survive 7 – 12 days or a week until less than two weeks. It is a short time for the flower to bloom right.

Well, all of those types of orchid plant are showing you on how long do orchid flowers last. If you want the orchids to survive as long as possible, there are several things that you have to do. You can start with know the orchid bloom cycle, the give right treatment for them, proper watering, right temperature, and the last but not the least is you have to make sure that there are no pests in the orchids. If the orchids appear some pests, you need to do something directly and fast. So that, the orchids will grow well, and they could bloom in the right time and survive for the longest time. Happy caring your orchids everybody!