How To Increase Humidity In Grow Room In Easy Way

With global climate change and climate anomalies in recent years increasingly uncertain the success of the agricultural production. Therefore, the existence of growing room in the world of agriculture becomes increasingly important. But, we have to know how to increase humidity in grow room to make sure your plants grow maximal. Let’s check some tips below.

How does temperature affect relative humidity?

Temperature greatly affects the humidity of the room. High temperatures have low humidity because high air temperatures can accelerate the evaporation of air in places where the vapor is strongly contained in the very few places, and low temperatures must have high humidity. If you feel that grow room humidity is too high, you have to decrease the temperature.

How to raise humidity in grow room?

How to increase humidity in grow room

Temperature and air humidity are important environmental factors because they affect plant growth and contribute almost to all growth processes, so we will discuss how to increase humidity in grow room. Therefore, temperature and humidity control, using temperature and humidity sensors and other support circuits, is an alternative that can cope with these problems. Especially plants in greenhouses are also in need of automatic temperature and humidity control because in weather-free environments, and other factors may change at any time. For that, automatic control is very important for the results of the plant by expectations.

  • Forced ventilation

Air recirculators are used to obtain uniform climatic conditions. This fan drives the greenhouse air, and we get a result of a different and uniform temperature. With this constant movement, we get better air renovation in the greenhouse.

  • Natural ventilation

Ventilation consists of air renovation inside the greenhouse for convection. This renovation affects the temperature. Natural ventilation consists of zenithal and lateral windows, which are opened to let fresh air into the greenhouse and refresh the internal atmosphere. This system can be operated manually or automatically with geared motors.

  • Humidify a room with a bowl of water

This hot air distribution system is based on warm water circulation in the piping system. Water is warmed in the boiler until the temperature is 80 – 100oC and the pipes are placed on the floor. The pipes are made of plastic or metal (polyethylene is cheaper than steel or aluminum). In this way, we can get a uniform temperature in the greenhouse due to the distribution of warm water at the bottom of the greenhouse. But the installation cost is bigger than the air-heating system.

  • Cooling system

How to increase humidity in grow room? This cooling system keeps the temperature uniform, and it is taken by moisturizing cellulose panels. These panels refresh the atmosphere in the area due to evaporation (evaporation) of water, which is pushed from one side to another from the area. Most use single-sided structures with cellulose panels equipped with water supply and drainage systems. This system has canalization, water tank, water pump, water supply and drainage equipment, expenditure panel tool.

This system has a modular design and offers flexibility because we can adjust the length of the panel as needed. Water is provided by the top of the cellulose panel with the evaporation of a tube with distribution holes, which is placed on the top side of the tube. This location avoids blockages and ensures proper water distribution through the entire panel.

  • Fogging systems

Fogging systems are a local humidification system that lowers the temperature without moisture, and this system produces artificial fog, and it lowers the temperature in the area. This system allows easy evaporation of water in millions of water elements, and it lowers the temperature. The fogging systems work pressing water toward pipes with holes that distribute water particles into the atmosphere. When these water particles evaporate, water takes the local heat and causes the temperature to drop. This fogging system is easy and fast to install through several standard equipment groups.

If we were you, we would maintain the air condition in grow room to keep the plants safe. Well, everyone, that’s all the article about how to increase humidity in grow room. We hope you enjoyed it.