Things about How to Repot an Orchid

How to Repot an OrchidPlanting orchids at the garden around your house are such a very great idea that you have to do for real. It is because these flowers will definitely show you the beautiful and amazing look which you can see from the perfect combinations of its petals and leaves. So then, you will find that your garden has the fabulous and elegant view that can really please your eyes in the best way possible every time you see it. Even, it can be so much better if you repot your lovely orchids in order to prevent them from the crowded roots. Unfortunately, there are some people who do not really know still about how to repot an orchid. Yet, in case you are one of them, there are actually several things that you can do to repot a pretty orchid flower without making any mistakes. So, let’s figure them out below!

  • How to Repot an Orchid in the right time

The first thing about how to repot an orchid that you have to do is that you have to decide when the right time to do it. Actually, the time when the orchid has just finished bloomed can be defined as the best time when you can repot the flower. At this moment, the flower is ready to have a new growth, so that you do not have to worry about damaging the flower and its leaves while moving it to a new pot. However, if you still do not know when its best orchid repotting time, it is so much recommended for you to identify some signs. One of the signs is when you find that the roots of the orchid start to grow out over the pot. This kind of condition will show you that the orchid needs more room already. Or, you have to move the flower as soon as possible when its roots seem rotting because it reflects the bad drainage of the pot.

  • Find out the material of the potting mix

The second thing about how to repot an orchid that you better do is to find out the most right material that you are going to choose for the potting mix. It is so much important for you to do it as there are so many various orchids that do not grow well in soil. Most of them will live nicely on the epiphytic planting medium. Well, in case you want to make your own epiphytic planting medium, it will be nice for you to combine some materials such as four parts of coconut husk, one part of moss, one part of charcoal, one part of perlite, and so on. The combination of all of them will definitely suit any orchids in general. Nevertheless, you can also buy the ready to use potting mix for orchid that you want to move. You will find that this potting mix is available for you in numerous options to choose at many garden centers, whether it is online stores r conventional stores. So, you will never run out of potting mix whenever you need it.

  • Prepare the stuff you need

After choosing the potting mix for the orchid, preparing all the stuff that you will need when you move the flower is the other thing about how to repot an orchid that you have to do. One of the important stuff that you have to prepare as well as possible is the new pot that you will use. IT is so much necessary for you to make sure that you choose the particular pot with larger size and also has the nice drainage holes on its bottom part. All of those requirements will definitely support the flower to grow so well. Not only that, the drainage holes will definitely prevent the roots of the plant from any fungus and diseases excellently. So then, you will see that your orchid will be able to live properly in the longer time you have never expected. Moreover, do not ever forget to prepare all the tools that you need, which can be like a small spade, a stake, a knife, scissors, and so on. Perhaps, you will need all of those things in order to make the orchid repotting project easier to do.

  • Move the orchid from its old pot

Afterward, the next thing about how to repot an orchid that you cannot miss is to begin to move the orchid from its old pot. You can start this step by lifting the orchid as carefully as possible, so that you will never make any damages to the roots of the plant. In the other words, it is a must for you to loosen every single root cautiously. However, sometimes you have to cut the roots using the sterilized knife or scissors especially when you find the roots of orchid which are commonly stuck in the pot. By doing so, it will never be a problem for you to remove the flower nicely without causing any disease to it. Furthermore, you have to make sure that you remove all of the dead roots and the potting mix that gets sticky to the plant. You can actually use your fingers to make all of the charcoal, moss, and coconut husks away from the roots perfectly.

  • Place the orchid in to the new pot

Then, the last thing about how to repot an orchid that you need to do is placing the orchid in to the new pot. In this case, you have to really make sure that you place the older growth on the bottom of the pot nicely, and the newer growth on the sides of the pot. This treatment is needed in order to create the more space for the plant, so that it can grow optimally. The next, you have to pour the potting mix around the roots and also shake it a little to make it cover and get settled around the roots lightly. Then, you also have to softly press the potting mix on the side of the pot using your finger, so that you cannot damage the plant at all. After you have finished it, the final thing that you have to do is put a stake on the pot in order to make the plant stand right up and show you its great beauty.