How to Trim an Orchid in The Right Method

A houseplant is the best thing that you can keep it at home. Not only give high impacts but also, it could make your home healthy and has an excellent decoration. Sometimes, the caring the houseplant especially orchids need close attention and different method. If you want to keep the orchid well, sometimes, you need to trim the spike or stick. Well, there are several benefits that your orchid will get if you trim them. When you need to trim them, you need to know the specific method on how to trim an orchid accurately, so that the orchids could keep going on grow and bloom. If you trim them randomly, the growth cycle will get obstruction. Moreover, it possible that the orchids will die and will not bloom for the first time. Well, you do not want it right

How to trim an orchid by yourself

how to trim an orchid

Sometimes, there will be a time that you have to trim your orchid for the orchid goodness. The circumstances that you usually appear are the Leafs or the flower getting old or destroyed by the pests. Or, there is a branch of a stick on a stick just like hair that branch in the other hair. It will hamper the orchids spikes growth and cycle. All you have to do is, trim the orchids in the right method and perfect place of the orchids. This article will show and inform you the right way on how to trim an orchid by yourself. You can cut it bravely and high confidence because you already know the way or the right place. Well, let’s see closer towards the information below

  1. Cut because of the past

Pest in an orchid could destroy the growth and the outlook of the plant. You can take different treatment such as extinguish the pests and wash the leaf, and the flower. If the stick or the flowers are really in not good condition, such as having a lot of holes, skin spots, and the other impact by the pests, you can trim in the right place that gets affected by the orchids. Well, you need to give high attention towards it and then it will give a good impact for your orchids to grow and bloom.

  1. How to trim an orchid after blooming

If your orchids bloom, the orchid will enter the rest period. Which is the time who need more attention such as nutrition, water and the other materials that could help the orchid to survive and bloom again? Although the orchids enter into the hibernation time, you can assist the reblooming process of the orchid. Things that you have to do is trim the orchid spikes. And then, you can arrange the right temperature for the orchids to get the bloom in the next time.

The step on how to trim an orchid

There are several ways to cut your orchids such as

  1. See the right location that you have to trim

You need to understand the spikes first before you can trim it. The good spikes are green, and usually, it is firm to touch. Not healthy spikes is yellow and brown, and you have to know the unhealthy orchid roots

  1. Pick the tools

The tools that you need must sterile and clean. You have to wash the tools first before you trim it.

  1. Guidelines

For the healthy spikes, you can find the node enter the flower bloom. And trim to 1 inch above the node. For the unhealthy spikes, you can cut all the spikes base of the plants. If you find a double spike orchids, you can cut one of the spikes at the very foundation of the plants. And then, you c n cut the other spike of 1 inch above the under of the flower bloom

All of the information and the steps are the right and best steps that you can follow. All of those steps are the right steps to keep the orchids still growing and make them bloom again. The method on how to trim an orchid you can follow the right directions will result from the flower beautifully. And it prevents the orchid with the obstacle to grow and bloom. Have an excellent treatment