Orchid Stem Turning Yellow, Cause and Solution

Do you have a houseplant which is orchids in your home? Well, if you say yes, you have to read the information towards the orchids individually. When you are a busy person but still want to keep and grow the orchids, you should get confused when you see something wrong with your orchids right. Especially, when you see your orchid stem turning yellow at your home, do not get panic or make speculation if your orchids die. You have to see the necessary information towards the cause of why is turning yellow, moreover, you just keep it just a month, or you are a beginner. If you find out the reason, you will locate the solution and prevent the same condition will not appear in the next period when you keep and grow your orchids. It sounds interesting right

Basic information about orchid stem turning yellow

Usually, orchids will bloom beautifully, and the flower shows fascinating. But, after the flowers blooming, you will shock with the circumstances because the stem will turn into yellow or brown entirely or half. This kind of cycle is naturally because the orchids will have a bloom period which is whether has new roots, new leaves or the new cycle with the production of flowers. Then, you do not have to worry about the cycle right. In this article, you will find the caused of the turning yellow of the leaves, but you also will see the solution or the steps that you have to take to fix your orchids. When you need more details, you can see closer and read deeper towards in this information below

orchid stem turning yellow

How to trim an orchid after blooming

  1. Method I

The first method or steps that you can take is you can cut the stem of the orchid. Cut its base and way down with the leaves. You can cut it into half an inch at the beginning. By cutting orchid stem, it will allow the plant to get more energy and will make a greater bloom for the next period. It will be good when you do this method for the young plant, weak root or smaller roots. By that, you will give the energy for the orchids more. You can do it after you see the flower bloom and before the leaves turning brown.

  1. Method II

If you find the item has not yellow stem but brown, you can cut right below the brown stem. You can cut the stem halfway to get more blooms. If you do not cut it, in the next bloom, it will not be as great as the bloom at the first time. Or, if you do know it, your orchids will die. If you do the second method, you have to do it carefully.

If you want to cut when the orchid stem turning yellow

Before you cut it, you have to follow the right directions. With the right directions, you will have the best solution towards the orchid stem turning yellow.

  1. Prepare the tools

First, you have to have the sharp tool and then pick the clip. If you have use not sharp tools, it will not be suitable for the stem and will destroy the other parts that not get damage

  1. Pick the herbs

The second step is you have to use the cinnamon and sprinkle it. It will help you to deal with the bacteria because the cinnamon has the natural fungicide. After that, you can replace your orchids because your orchid will struggle the growing new roots. It also will give the best nutrients for you to fix your stem.

Those steps and information are significant and exciting right. It is a guide for you when you want to set your orchid stem turning yellow. With this article, we hope it will help users and give much benefit for you. If you random to cut the orchids, your orchids will die or get more damage. The best way to you, after care the orchids is to follow the care tips when you begin to care the orchids before your orchids get to bloom and continue the way on how to get an orchid to rebloom. It is straightforward and easy right. Do not forget to let the orchids in the right temperature and the perfect light.