Types of Orchids That Is Suitable for Your Home and Garden

These days, there are many people who grow interested in planting. Orchid is arguably one of the most popular flowers for mini planting at home. This flower exhibits marvelous features with a slender and tall stalk that leads to a delicate flower consisted of three outer petals, three inner petals, and cupped petals that are distinct from other petals. It also offers diverse color and fragrance that is suitable for your houses natural decoration. Orchids that are cultivated for enjoyment purpose are either tropical or subtropical. This flower also popular among collectors. Many societies and clubs are established to encourage cultivation and collection of orchids, some even concentrating in conservation research. There are more than 28,000 species of orchids that are currently known. With many new studies about orchids, it is possible for the species to increase even more as an unknown orchid are discovered. In this passage, we will give a brief explanation of certain types of orchids that are most likely to be bought and cultivated at home.

Types of Orchids : Moth Orchids

Types of Orchids Moth Orchid

Moth Orchid is possibly one of the most common types of orchids. It is also known as Phalaenopsis orchids. You can buy this species of orchids from a standard grocery store. For those who are living nearby and Asian supermarket, you can find a huge amount of white or purplish-pink variety. Due to its abundance, ?? orchid ?? is used by some fashion and interior designers to describe the purplish-pink color. It may be confusing for an orchid grower as orchids actually come in a million colors and shades, but it is not entirely a problem. In wildlife settings, Phalaenopsis are epiphytes that grow on trees in an environment with constant moist. They tend to have lingered flower spikes and it makes them look very graceful. With this look, the flower has the power to turn dull houses and gardens into a brighter and more heartwarming place. It is now widely considered as houseplants. It usually only grow once or twice per year, but its flower is able to last for around 2-3 months.

Types of Orchids : Dendrobium Orchids

Types of Orchids Dendrobium Orchids

Dendrobium Orchids is one of the types of orchids that is commonly cultivated at home. It is also known as “Thai restaurant orchids”. This species is the result of Dendobrium hybrids that are normally seen at Thai restaurants that use flowers as a table decoration. It has various choice of colors, including white, green, purple, pink, yellow and more. The flower needs warm temperature for its optimum growth. In fact, they usually lose their leaves during winter due to very low temperature up to 15oC or so. This Thai restaurant orchid, however, is just a part of numerous hybrids within Dendrobium genus. Dendrobium species live as both epiphytes and lithophytes in New Guinea, Southern China, Thailand, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti and more. Due to its various origins, it is difficult to generalize its needs. Some of it need cool night with 10 to 15 degree Celsius while the others favor warmer temperature in the 27 degree Celsius. You need to understand further about your Dendrobium to give then their best environment.

Types of Orchids : Slipper Orchids

Types of Orchids Slipper Orchids

Slipper orchids are one of the types of orchids that exhibit strange look. Unlike other types of flowers, this orchid has pouch-shaped lips. Most of terrestrial and lithophytic slipper orchids include four genera: Paphiopedilum, Phragmipedium, Cypripedium, and Selenipedium. For beginners, you may one to start planting this orchid by choosing Paphiopedilum and Phragmipedium first, as Cypripedium and Selenipedium are quite a hassle to cultivate unless you are living in the condition that favors their growth. You can purchase this orchid at fancy grocery stores. Most of the species have girlie soft pink colors, eye-catching yellow, innocent white and other soft colors. But some of it do exhibit dark red, brown and green with hairy and warty petals. Paphiopedilum sanderianum, the popular orchid from Borneo, has lateral sepals (the side petals) that can hang down 3 feet (1 meter) long.


Types of Orchids : Boat Orchids

Types of Orchids Boat Orchids

For those who are living in Southern California, Cymbidium, or boat orchid, is one of the types of orchids that grow extremely well with the environment. This orchid have been grown and portrayed in poetry and drawings for more than two thousand years since the time of Confucius. Despite so, it is still one of the most popular plants due to its big, showy, and long-lasting characteristics. It offers the colors of pink, yellow, green, red, brown, peach or combination. As cut flowers, it also last exceptionally, with almost one or two months in the vase. You just need to change the water daily and cut back the bottom of the spike. This flower also blooms once a year.

Types of Orchids : Angraecum Orchids

Types of Orchids Angraecum Orchids

Angraecum orchids are types of orchids that have the shape of a small star and looks as though it has a very long tail. The most famous species of these types is Angraecum sesquipedale or better known as Comet Orchids due to its shape and long spur. This long spur is the nectar tube that is able to grow up to 12 inches long. Charles Darwin, the popular naturalist, took one look at the flower and wrote,???. . . in Madagascar there must be moths with a proboscis capable of extension to a length of between ten and eleven inches!” The nectar can only be found at the end of the spur. It was almost impossible to pollinate the flower. However, it still flourished. More than 41 years later, a moth with a long nose was discovered and it turned out that this moth is the sole pollinator of these plants. Unlike most orchids, these orchids do not have any pseudo-bulbs. The flowers grow from the leaf axils instead. It usually has a white color, sometimes yellow or green, and the flowers are clustered. Several plants also produced pleasant fragrance. Certain species of this type produce large, showy blossoms, but most blooms are small to miniature. It is originated in tropical Africa and Madagascar. The stem is most likely to be upright or slightly curved and grows as a single entity. Leaves can be fleshy or leathery and fan out from higher up the stem. Roots are extensive, and most often lie flat along the top of the growing medium.