What Kind of Orchid Do I Have at Home ( 3 best recommendations )

Everybody in this world agrees that plants make the environment more fresh, more healthy, more comfortable and everybody could not deny, how they meritorious for a human being. From the affection of loving plant, people start to have houseplant to make their home has beautiful decoration, cozy and chilly. But, if you want to have a houseplant, you cannot get random to choose the plant. If you want to keep houseplant, you should have orchid at your home, because it is pleasant and it is an excellent plant. After you select an orchid to become your houseplant, you must begin asking to yourself toward, what kind of orchid do I have. Well, do not worry about the type or orchid you want to keep. It is safe and secure. But, we love to share the best recommendation regarding orchid you should have.

What kind of orchid do I have to keep?

Well, let’s begin to think about your favorite color. Orchid has variant color, but you must note that, not all color, just variant color. There are red, yellow, purple, green and the other color. After you get the color that you want, the next step is to pick the plant in line with your flavor or suitable for your home decorations. Orchids have a different type of body, such as tall, short, wide, tall a side, and the other type of orchids. The last but not the least is, do not forget to take care of the orchids. To If you do not keep the orchids well, your orchids will be attacked by the pests. You do not want your lovely orchid to get destroyed right. So, let’s begin with known orchids deeper based on their identity, and you will not have a question regarding “what kind of orchid do I have” anymore

Most common orchid for sale

1. Brassavola

What Kind of Orchid Do I Have
Brassavola is one of orchid types accessible by “lady of the night” This orchid has a delightful fragrance at the time when the evening comes. The shape of the orchids has stout, terete leaves with emerging along in a central rhizome. The combination of the green leafs and white orchids will decorate your home more precious. In the mountains is where do orchids grow naturally. Brassavola will accompany your evening in the winter season at you home. What a fantastic home you have!

2. Catasetum

What Kind of Orchid Do I Have at Home
Well, the second type of orchids is Catasetum. If you are a beginner to keep orchids, this is suitable for you. You will know the mechanism how to care for orchids indoor sooner. This type of Catasetum is unique and favorite orchids. They live to need a dry winter rest. In the time when they bloom, they will have a large waxy flower. The flower can be possible a female or male. If, the flowering female, the flower needs a higher light that the need of flower boy. When the flower bumped, the pollen unites into the air. Sounds interesting right

3. Cattleya

What kind of orchid do I have to keep
This type of orchid is a corsage. Cattleya is popular and has a beautiful shape. The orchid has tall Leafs and large. The leaf is growing one after another to produce the season’s bloom. This type of shape of the plant called by pseudobulbs. The pseudobulbs are connecting into each other by the stick growing or unite under the surface called by rhizome. After you keep it, sooner you will know how to take care orchid types especially Cattleya at home. The orchid flower has a purple color. It is a just symbol of sweet, calm and enjoyable. You should keep this type of orchids because it is fascinating.

Well, the three type of orchids is the best of the best orchids you can keep at your home. Now, you do not have the same question such as what kind of orchid do I have right. After you buy the orchid seed, you have to make sure to keep the orchid well, healthy and safe. Do not let the pets take closer to the orchid or do not cut the leaf or make the orchid flower. What you just have to let is in the pot and let the orchid have the natural beauty of the blossoming process. Well, happy planting everyone.