When To Repot Orchids Which Ready At The Cuttings

Farming is not always about rice and corn, but can also plant with ornamental plants. There are many kinds of ornamental plants, one of which is the orchid plant. The orchid plants are also diverse, and usually, people use cuttings techniques to multiple orchid plants. Which need to emphasize and you notice the time when to repot orchids are ready for the cuttings. However, although only ornamental plants but orchids are ornamental plants that can bring benefits if you know how to care for it. Nothing is complicated from taking care of orchids.

Orchid species are very diverse ranging from orchids are easy to find on the market to rare orchid plants. Natural orchid plants such as moon orchid and orchid Vanda, while rare orchid plants are black orchids. Black orchids including protected plants and when to repot orchids these black-colored if you find them around your neighborhood. So far black orchid plants are found on Borneo island, a large island in Indonesia. However, to practice these cuttings should use orchids that are easy to find on the market and the home page.

The reason why orchids need to be cutting

Without doing any actual cuttings orchid plants can develop, but the pollination process is very long and not necessarily successful. Although with the cuttings are also not necessarily successful you have been able to shorten the development time of orchid culture. When to repot orchids that you can tear it does not apply to all conditions of the plant. Only orchids are in certain circumstances that you can cultivate to breed. However, if you wait for orchid pollination can also only be able to take a year until the orchid back flowering.

When to repot orchids to be cutting

When To Repot Orchids Which Ready At The Cuttings
Plants that have been in the cuttings will still need the media and its location to grow and develop. As well as orchid plants that require their pots after it has been cut later. Before moving it, you need to know the best time to repot the orchids because if you move before the time can make the orchids to die. Therefore, you need to look at the characteristics of orchid plants that are ready in repot.

1. Remove the orchid from the previous pot

How to remove this orchid plants are also not you pull with carelessly, especially if the stem of the orchid’s roots have a lot of roots. All you have to do is to remove the cuttings slowly, of course, it will cause a little damage to the roots, but this does not have a significant impact on air orchid care. However, that will have a major impact if you do not move the pot. This is because when the stem cuttings that have grown will require a lot of nutrients. Thus, the nutritional content will be seized with the adult orchid plants that become its host.

2. When to repot orchids by breaking the plant into four

The purpose of breaking this orchid plant into four is to choose which roots are still healthy and which sources are not right or rotten. So when the orchid is replanted in a new pot it will grow well because there is no rotten root. But at the time of choosing the sources should also be careful, do not let a good heart even wasted.

3. Dyeing orchids root rotting into water and planting them in new pots

Before the stem of the orchid that has been in the cuttings then plant on new pot media, it is good orchids, and the planting media dipped into the water. These need to be done to make orchid roots saturated in water. Other than that the planting medium is already wet and moist to be a good planting medium. After that, immediately plant orchids and do not procrastinate. These because the delay of planting orchids that have been cut and dyed will only make the orchid cuttings dead.

Now you already know how to move orchid plants and time when to repot orchids by a right way. Then, now live how you put it into practice. Always remember to be careful in taking care of young orchids as it is still very fragile and vulnerable to death. Congratulate ornamental plant cultivation!