Why Do Orchid Leaves Turn Yellow: Plant Care

For some peoples, whether they have a lot of activity or zero activity, keeping an orchid will always make them happy. People will always give room to take care of the orchids until the orchids grow, and bloom. But, sometimes, when we keep orchids and follow all directions, there are might happen some obstruction on keeping them well and make them bloom. If you ask related why do orchid leaves turn yellow, well, this article will help you to answer the question. If you want to give a treatment towards the yellow leaves, you have to know the caused first. If you already know the created or elements that could make the leaves turn into yellow, you will prevent the same situation appears again in the next time.

The answer towards why do orchids leaves turn yellow

why do orchid leaves turn yellow

All human, animal event plant, need enough nutrition, mineral, vitamins and the others elements. But, if you consume too much, there will be an effect right. Well, all items must be proper and do not consume too much. The cause of why do orchids leaves turn to yellow is there is some an indication gone wrong. There are a lot of reasons why are the orchids turning into the yellow. If you need to see closer towards the information and want to help your orchids, you can see the information below. See the caused and fix it y the cause the orchid leaf problems.

Orchid leaves turning yellow at base review

  1. Something wrong with the light

If you learn about the orchids, you will see that some orchids need more light from the sun. But, whether the orchid needs more light or no, but you cannot let the orchids get the direct light from the sun. If the orchids get the direct light from the sun, the leaves of the orchid will get burn and turn in to the yellow. So that, you have to put the orchids in the sufficient location that get indirect sunlight. This kind of method is the best treatment for the orchids to get the sunlight.

  1. The temperature is not accurate

The second reason for the orchid leaves turn yellow is you put the orchids in the place that not match with the temperature. If you need to know the accurate temperature for keeping the orchids, you cannot put the orchids in the low temperature. If you do that, your orchids will turn in to yellow. You have to put the orchids between 65 until 80 degrees Fahrenheit. And it will be the different case when the night comes; you should put the orchids in the 60 until 70 degrees Fahrenheit at night. You can see the temperature with the room temperature that available in your room, or smart phone presently could detect the temperature in your room. It’s straightforward to check the temperature right.

  1. Something wrong with the orchid root rot

If your orchids do not have healthy roots, it will give effect to the leaves that getting yellow. You have to check the sources frequently. You have to water the roots in the accurate amount. If you do overwater the orchids, the leaves of the orchid will turn into yellow. When you want to water the orchids, you only need to water the plant in the top of the potting medium is dry and when the roots are white. You have to make sure that the holes is enough and could let the pot to allow the proper drainage. When you find your orchids have the roots damage but the plant is fine, you can trim the roots and replace the plant into the new media.

Well, all of that information about why do orchids leaves turn yellow. You can see the caused and find the best solution based on your created that you discovered in the plant. You have to remember that you cannot overwater the orchids if you do your orchids will not provide health as the orchids do. If the leaves of your orchid turn yellow, you just need to remember three elements which are the sunlight, the temperature, and the roots. You can check all of that element, or you can check one by one and repair your orchids. We hope this article will help you people.